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Judas’ bag

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Today we’ll describe a cute and useful craft. As soon as I made it somebody baptized it as “Judas’ bag”, so that’s how I’ll call it from now on =) It is a little cylindrical bag, whose mouth can be closed tying two little cords. It’s crocheted using cotton thread.

These are the steps I followed:

1 – Crochet a rectangle with some figure or motif in it. Make some little semicircles on one of the long sides to pass the cords we’ll use to close the bag when it’s finished.




The openwork base shows the lining fabric. If we choose two contrasting colors it’ll look really nice

2 – Crochet an openwork circular base.

3 – Sew the two short sides of the rectangle to form a tube and sew the circular base to the side of the side of the tube that has no semicircles crocheted.

4 – Sew a fabric lining for the inside. It’ll look nicer and the crochet won’t stretch with the use.

5 – Make a couple of cords using the same thread that was used to crochet the bag. They’re very easy to make; you only need some thread and your fingers. Click here to see a video that explains the technique.

These little bags may be very useful. You can use them to carry jewellery when travelling, to store your headphones and prevent their cord to get tangled, to carry coins…



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