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Amigurumi giraffe

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*Versión en español aquí*

This week brings us a new amigurumi animal. This giraffe is really easy to make, and the necessary materials are quite cheap. We need:

– Yellow yarn or thread.
– Brown yarn or thread (same material as the yellow one).
– Brown lace. In our case we’ve re-used an old shoelace.
Cotton balls and sewing thread.

Here you can find the pattern that explains how to make the giraffe.
The pattern does not explain how to add the limbs (which are made of shoelace) or the mane of the giraffe, but this is really easy to do. For fixing the limbs and the little horns into the animal’s body just fit the lace on one of the holes of the crochet pattern, and put a few stitches to secure it. The process is the same for the tail, but in that case you can fray the end of the lace to make it look like fur. To make the mane, tie several short yarn threads forming a row along the neck and fray them. Finally, put a few stitches to make the eyes and accentuate the snout, and here it is!

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