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Crochet wallet

*Versión en español aquí*

This is a simple and light wallet for those who need something that easily fits into any pocket. I have used cotton thread to crochet it. It has some advantages over paper wallets, as it is more malleable and more resistant.



In this case I didn’t include any compartment for bills but it could be easily added, or otherwise we could put the bills in one of the card pockets. But this is basically a wallet to carry a couple of cards and some coins (for the coffee machine, for example).


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Paper wallets

*Versión en español aquí*

This craft was in fashion some years ago. I remember making little purses out of plastified comic pages, sewing them with coloured cotton thread. We sold it at school to get some money for our study travel =)

Here I show one of the wallets I have been making since I learned the technique. Sometimes we look for something that fits in our pocket, that is not very thick…the best solution: DIY!
The wallet is made using images downloaded from the Internet. For the inside I have used both printed frames and newspaper. This time I did not include a purse for the coins, since the wallet was only intended for holding cards and bills. If we’d like to include a purse, we’d just put the card holders in one side, and sew a little bag with a cover that can be held close with velcro in the other side. In the inside of the card “pockets” we can cut a little window that allows us to see easily what is in the inside.

Cartera walle cerrada @

Cartera walle abierta @

As a big version of the idea I made some classifying folders for my notes. The first one had plastic bags, and the second one cardboard sheets to separate compartments. They look pretty old now but still work nicely. And since they were designed by me, they are unique =)

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